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Collecting your interface woes

Still waiting for the English Uni to be auto-attached to the rest, the interface on a newly started character is very cluttered due to all the stuff dumped in the middle on the screen. Not to mention people end up believing they have to write in that chat in order to talk to Chiang, because they see his tooltip but don't know to right click him.

((sidenote: why couldn't his tooltip actually say Right click me? break immersion on a tutorial?))

Other dynamic channels should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis too, maybe it's useful to have News and a newly added Faction channel pop in your face ... but maybe not?

While we're at it, lots of people end up asking what "Uni" means, in English it could as well be short for "University" which is confusing. The nod to the main "Universe" channel is not immediately obvious. Maybe renaming English Uni to English Chat would be useful?

Lastly, the stable boy should be able to release mektoubs from stables. It's a long-running joke that pressing shift+p to "talk" to your animal is one of the most counter-intuitive ways this functionality was implemented. If the stable boy can offer to feed your animals depending on context (i.e. if they're inside stables or not), then he certainly can offer to get them out to you.

Is this topic even monitored anymore?


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