Collecting your interface woes

Anulian -- I'm not sure that your ideas count as "interface woes" (i.e. bugs or interface ideas). You might want to write them up in the Ideas section of the Forums, and since there are two ideas, it should be in two threads.

By the way, your first idea can be done as a macro if it is always the same "Alice" and "Bob" (like guildmates). You could also set it up to wave at the #1 and #2 members of your team. However, I strongly doubt that it will be implemented as an idea since programming it would be a real pisser.

The problem is that currently the parser for the emote commands interprets any text following the /emote to be part of what you want to say:

Right now I can type "/wave Alice and Bob" and the parser will present: Bitttymacod Alice and Bob in the chat window while my toon executes the wave animation. The same functionality allows me to aggressively wave at Alice by executing the following:
/tar Alice
/alert waves to $t$
That causes me to do the "alert" animation while facing Alice and echoes in the chat:
Bitttymacod waves to Alice

The problem then would be how to tell the parser that text following the /emote portion represents potential targets rather than plain text. I'm sure it can be done: I'm not at all sure that the programming team will think that it's worth it.

P.S. More tokens are possible in /emote commands, including the generic /em. See: . Keep in mind that the posting was some years ago and not all features announced therein are still implemented. (All the emote functions are.)


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