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Unsubbing or Canceling Account

I am glad to see that few of you recognize and appreciate role-play. However, I am not going to continue to contribute financially to support a realm that only wants one flavor of characters role-played.

Yes, I role-played a villain, and did a damn good job at it. Such a good job that I am known for having gassed and killed countless mektroubs that belonged to other homins. That was the persona I created and played. Now out of character, let me set the record straight. Outside of PvP (OP battles) I never killed a mektroub that belonged to another homin without that homin's consent.

The mektroubs that I would gas in places such as Fairhaven, belonged to me or a homin who requested I put there animal down. I was so effective in playing the villain, homing constantly complained that I was gassing mektroubs, such fools. No homin ever complained that I had killed THEIR mektroub, the narrow-minded carebears complained that I committed an atrocity when none in fact occurred.

Good luck with a vanilla white washed version of RP.


Disclaimer: Any resemblance between the characters in this post/thread and any homins, living or dead, is a miracle.* The characters in this post/thread are fictitious. Any homin resembling them is better off dead**
*You Nazty Spy
**I'll Never Heil Again
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