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Improve PvP Points Calculation

I think one should get back to reason. RP is not an issue. There is few RP during PvP, and often only mimicked. Or perverted so called RP only being bullying and harrassing, inside and outside PvP. There are RPers who use PvP as part of their RP, mostly in the french part of the community. Those encourage being tagged for RP reasons, hating PvPers abusing that (in their opinion) for ganking.

Many PvP lovers are not interested much in RP if at all. That is their right. They like to compare their powers and skilles with peers of similar level and competence, and is not interested in whether they are kamist, karavan, marauder, or neutral. They want to know who is better in combat.

I confess that such is not my path. But I absolutely support that it is legitimate.

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