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Improve PvP Points Calculation

Keldun (atys)
That stance might have been true in the original setup, when there was no "negative" side.

But now If you have positive fame, you are no longer neutral, you support the factions and take side against marauders.

The devs made it so that the sides are exact opposites, you can't align with both, so to be neutral, you have to align with neither.

Rolloks, by my deifinition of neutral, aligned players shouldn't be fighting with neutrals, as they are not enemies so there shouldn't be points.

Any positiv aligned player fighting a hominist is even worse, as they are more or less allies.

As for OP, I'm not sure. I know there are karavan type and kami type drills (are there marauder drills?). but is it really factional PvP or more in leagues?

edit: that should have been an edit, not a quote.


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