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[Will be added] Paying the diggers for the camps

i believe the reason this event is going much slower then players from the past remember is DIRECTLY related to how fast the towers even was completed in lakes, in just a few days that even was over, and i think the dev's and event team is trying to combat that speed, however i think they raised the amount too much, the lakes even was one land with one event for the entire server, now we have a even for every region of each ecosystem, thus the shear number of locations to do it would slow it down, they didn't account for the fact that with so many options, there was no need to increase the numbers so much for the requirements to "complete" the camps.

perhaps it's time to revise this because as it stands, nothing done yet, or even very close to done. (unless this is indeed the major even planned for the next year or two.)

just my two dappers.


Remickla (atys)
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