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[Will be added] Paying the diggers for the camps

A good idea, and it would be fair, too.

I've lost considerable Dappers already on this task. But to be fair: It would not motivate me any further. My motivation comes from being part of something big, and something lasting. Something that may have my name on it when it's done.

However I do agree that it is wearing me down. Whenever I'm on, I'm digging for the Lost Valley camp. Yet it's progress is very slow. Currently I manage to dig about 8-12 missions per (RL week). That is not enough to complete it any time soon. And for sure I won't be doing this until 2015.

So to me the overall question is: What's the plan of the even team and devs with this storyline?
  • Is it planned to keep this camp building phase until 2015?
  • Or will we all get a major disappointment when this is stopped with the best camps halted at 70%?
  • Or are there plans to have a special event to speed up the construction?

Back to digging now...

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