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wow just read the page back log, talk about "didn't pay attention in silan" or "i only did the fight missions in silan" issue, you shouldn't worry as much about ppl that don't do all of silan, they arn't as likely to stick with the game on the ML anyway, to be honest, i think you should have to do silan all the way through before you can leave, i know there are some that will say that's stupid for high lvl players that start over or create a new toon in a new slot or even make an alt, but let's face it (i know this is a fact i've done it) you can do silan from start to finish in less then 48 hours if you know about playing on the ml well, and why not kick back with the noob's that never have played and guide them while you make that new toon, not to mention this would cut down on alt's on the ML because let's face it, ML players don't like to do stuff like the silan missions, then they won't make alt's or bother to play anything but the mainland toon they already have, and honestly that's part of what hurts ryzom, because so many new players have to have so much help on the mainland learning the things they should have learned in silan, because you can choose with no warning that says "you will not be given this in-depth training on the ml at your own pace as you please" sure there are those of us that will help these toons to learn the things they missed in silan, but that's on our time, not theirs, where as the NPC's are ready and waiting for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (and just a note i've ran toons thought all of silan several times and then deleted them just to do it again to find out how long it takes, and that's not a solid 48 hours in real life, it's about 20 hours in real life for the experienced player.)

just my 2 dappers again.


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