[Will not be used] Improvements for NH services

Providing NH Transporters with occupation products has become a widely accepted and used feature. Some improvements seem quite desirable, anyway. The imperfections are mainly in three areas:

1. Oversupply with occupation products
NH Transports are designed as a producer/consumer scheme. Teleports are consuming transport status while bringing in products restores it. Recently, a situation of shortage is never reached. Rather, the transport status is nearly always completely stuffed in all 4 countries.

2. Uncomfortable cooldown periods and misleading completeness message
Cooldown period after bringing in the maximum amount of products is very close to 24 hours. That is extremely inconvient as it forces the supplier to do the delivery at the same time everyday to avoid shifting forward more and more. The message when having reached the maximum delivery per day is the same as that when the transport system is stuffed. No information is given when the cooldown will elapse.

3. Tedious delivery of products
Product delivery takes 1 product at a time after going through the following choices and actions: hello -> I want to help you -> product class selection -> product selection -> send. Due to ARCC latency, it takes between 15 and 30 seconds to complete the transaction (troubles with product loss and no reward seem to be gone, thanks for that).

Proposed solutions:

1. Readjusting product consumption
Solution seems easy, just raising the consumption at NH to an extent that leads to an equilibrium. Possibly one could let some days old products elapse as it happens to homins at the merchants (in case the history of given goods is recorded). This threshold could be adapted dynamically once the producer/consumer behavior changes.

2. Changing cooldown periods, splitting and improving completeness and status information
A cooldown period similar to that of occupation products would be a good thing, 20hrs or so. It would allow to practise product delivery at widely same time without being force to log on and do exactly that activity at the same time every day. Further on, the status messages should be split. Only when transport status is at maximum, the message "we don't know any products at the moment" should appear, a different message, e.g. "you already gave enough products for now, thank you" should indicate that the character's limit for the period has been reached. In addition, an information might be given when the next delivery would be possible. It could, for example, be displayed along with the message that the limit is reached, e.g. "next possible delivery in x hrs y min" .

3. Multiple product delivery option
The recent delivery method ist quite exhausting, yet it is the only halfways fair way to do it under the conditions of oversupply of the transport system, where "leeching" by other, lazier players who do not care to use the system to free some slots is occuring frequently. Anyway, once demand and supply will be better balanced, methods of multiple handover of products may be considered. Adding convenience, they should come with a price, namely a penalty for nation points and dappers handed out. The rates might be: 2 products= -5%, 4 products = -10%, 8 products = -20%, 16 products = -40%. Packaging might be chosen on the window where the products are sent or earlier, the chosen package size (1..16) would determine the penalty even if less products are left to be delivered. The justification roleplaywise might be that NH has to unbundle and portion those packaged deliveries thus charges for that effort.


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