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I agree.

On the other hand, if the reduced amount of items is put into the bag, and some are left behind silently - without any form of notification - then that could raise complaints as well. Imagine that you do want to take all of the mats of a stack in your appartement with you, but your bag is nearly full. The game would do the math after this proposal and move only e.g. 20% of the wanted mats into your bag, leaving the remaining 80% in the room. Without a warning, you might leave the room and discover only later that stuff is missing.

I do not want to propose an annoying pop up window that has to be acknowledged with a click on "ok". But maybe a message in the system info channel could already do the trick: "Note that only 45 of 136 fine Igara beaks could be moved into your bag." (Template: "Note that only <amount_moved> of <amount_wanted> <item_name> could be moved into your <destination_inventory>")
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