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As a crafter i have to move around lots of mats between different inventory tabs and quite often i run into situation when the stack i'm trying to put in doesn't fit, because its size is bigger than free space left. In this case i have to check how much space is left, double it to get the quantity of mats that can be put in, then split the stack manually, type the number etc. And sometimes it seems there are hidden decimals that never shown, like 499.7, while bulk indicator says it's 499 and i have to correct my math and repeat the process again.

Same goes with digging, when bag is almost full, the last portion of mats can't be put in and i have either drop temporary inventory or destroy mats in bag one unit per time until i can take the mats from temporary inventory.

My proposal is that in cases like these the game do the math itself and automatically split stacks accordingly to their bulk and free space left in container. That way i could grab a stack of ammo or mats and just drop it into packer, and if there are 20 units of space left in it, 40 mats from the stack go in packer and the rest moved back in bag. Same with temporary inventory, clicking "take all" button pulls amount of mats that can be placed in bag and the rest remain in temporary window. That would save a lot of fiddling while moving stuff forth and back.
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