[Will be added] Signs

Thanks Bittty and Irfidel for the comments.
I knew it was a half-backed idea, but somehow I found it worthwhile posting, mainly for the sake of getting the ball rolling. And I am glad that I did.

Reading through Irfidels post I quite fancy the idea of a NPC walking around and shouting out news. I makes the game more alive and may capture the attention of new/old players who do not use other means of obtaining information.

As the NPC wanders around I would think it wouldn't be a nuisance to read the info in the "around channel", except a player happens to follow the NPC around for some time, by accident from stable to market to GH to app back to market to stable times 2-3.

Otherwise the implemetation of signs as Bittty suggests for events is still valid and I think the maintenance shouldn't too difficult as essentially the text is written for the forum anyway, so copy and paste would do.

I take the point of being able to one-click for the ingame forum, but for "feeling" the game and for non-forum users an ingame option would be good.
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