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Thanks for clearing up my sometimes foggy mind, Bitty :-)

I think I agree with the problem assessment. Quite possibly signs would be an improvement of the situation but maybe not as effective as hoped for. Signs are still passive: Homins must actively go to them and read them.

I have an idea of which I am not convinced of myself. But I still would like to add it to Razrah's thread here, if I may.

We could try to have a city "barker". Essentially an NPC that walks around the city and announces news. The news should have two section. One to be filled in by devs/game masters, and the other by members of the event team.

The barker would occasionally just announce (=/shout) a brief headline, e.g.
"Rangers looking for seasoned diggers!!!"
When you right click, she would have an "enquire" entry in the menu where you could enter a dialog to list all topics she has to announce, and providing more details/backgrounds/timelines/contact info.

While I think this could propagate news better than a passive sign, this should not be overdone in order to avoid being a nuisance.

Various options:
- This function could be given to all the city welcomers versus a meandering barker
- The announcements could be triggered by approaching homins or just happen from time to time (like the two guys on Silan constantly fighting each other in the ranger camp)
- The announcements itself could be chosen randomly from the currently active list, or randomly with a preference for events happening in the near future, or (slightly overengineered) the barker keeps track of which announcements have been given to which homin and selects those missing

This is all without knowing what's possible with this new arcc system...
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