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The purpose that I see, Irfidel, is to set up a way to get information out to the players and to do it in game.

The problem is that many players don't seem to use the forums and that the forums are not set up to easily communicate things of passing or time-dependent interest. That's actually two different problems, but the second is inherent in the structure of all forum-based communication.

Many people don't know that the Forums are available in game, or they prefer not to access them in game (and I don't blame them for the latter). Many people are not aware that they can get to the Forums outside of the game by tuning their web-browser to and selecting Forums.

The Signs could also be used for messages about in-game competitions, events such as the recent kidnapping of a poor Zorai girl, and the like.

As I said, the main problem I see is the one of CSR/Event Team monitoring, coding the signs to work with ARCC and the necessity (for important stuff) of three(or five)-language translation.


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