[Will be added] Signs

I thought that there isn't much ingame information for new and old players, especially the ones that like to explore things rather than use the uni channels or consult the forum. By the way it seems that many players hardly look into the forum.


Why not create a NPC where you can "buy" a sign or a line on a sign. As there are different signs possible, e.g. guild list sign, sell/buy signs, information signs (events) and so on, there should be a spot where the signs pop up.
For example in Yrkanis it could be half way between the to market areas.
The signs would have a clock to it, so that without being "maintained" they would vanish and make way for new possible signs.

For example the guild list sign would be a big sign, similar to the temple war sign with the guilds listed to it. The clock would be a month, for example and only the "buyer" of the line can edit/maintain it.

I am sure there are many arguments against it.... well just an idea, which may require some more thoughts ^^
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