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Mac App stopped working

Thought for a sec, we may had solved it. I still have the same problem. Great try though, Marceline. :)
I guess I will have to turn to solitaire for a while.

The (Lost) Soul

ok, i have it working!! for now at least but i have lost all my map markers.
here's what i did:

firstly, to save map markers and such you need to find these files:

~/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/save/interface_"character name".icfg
~/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/save/keys_"character name".xml

these apparently save your map markers and other stuff that saves to your computer.. i didn't know that until it was too late.
secondly, delete all traces of the game from your computer. erase the lot.

then i downloaded the game again from this site:

and used this link and followed the instructions underneath the link:

it didn't work the first time but i think it was because i didn't fully erase all traces of the game.. i had random files all over the place. i had to find the hidden library file to find the secret bits ;P
it's hidden but you can find it when you have the finder bar at the top and click 'go' then 'go to folder' and type in ~/Library in the box.
so it's:
'go to folder'
type ~/Library
then click application support
then ryzom

you'll then have all the secret files and this is also where you'll find the files that you need to save elsewhere before you delete the game.

once you've done all that you can then download the game again from the site i mentioned at the top.

i was told other ways to try but none worked for me. things like edit the client.cfg file with some codes/text - i tried it many times but none worked. i may have had different versions of the same thing saved all over but it doesn't matter now as i'm back in the game.. to coin a phrase :)

i hope you get it working again.. it took me three days solid to get it going.. luckily i had three days off work so it all came together nicely.


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