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A little update about the staus of the DB

I had to do a clean fresh install of the server, after that (some of you may have noticed) there are no longer tooltips for mat and missi mat spots. This maybe a result of the new PHP version on the Server. This counts only for the spots that have comments in the info field. I dont know yet where the error comes from and i am currently really busy traveling through germany for work, so iam only 2 days a week at home over the weekend. Cause of that it may take a while for me to fix everything and until everything is 100% working again.

If anyone has an idea that could solve the problem, i would be thankfull for help and tips.

The Server "Hardware" also got an Upgrade so in the future the Site should behave much better ;)

Best regards,


P.S: If someone could translate that to french that would be great. :) Thank You
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