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Mutual GNU / Linux

The game won't install

The last line of the error log hints at a missing client_default.cfg: Did you drop the static client into a new, empty directory?

Before you start it, try to change your working to your ryzom install directory. The client needs to find its config files. Use the "cd" command inside the terminal to do that. Then start the client by using the full path ~/Desktop/RyzomStatic/ryzom_client_static64_2.0-1
Even better: move the static client into the ryzom install directory, then cd into that directory and use ./ryzom_client_static64_2.0-1

That should remove the problems with missing configs.

Then you also seem to have lots of issues with your sound setup. As I presume the client still does not open up, you need to change any config settings by starting a text editor and modifying the config files. Edit the default_config.cfg and disable sound completely. Currently I can't lookup the exact line to change. Then retry to start.
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