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The game won't install

Thanks to all of you for your responses.

As for graphics drivers, I have installed a driver from Additional Drivers section, but now I can't see what it was. It says: "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system" and doesn't offer any options like before it showed two. Don't know what's wrong here.

On top of all, the internet connection I used to use is gone now and I've been using a wifi through my phone and it happens to be quite selective of the connections it allows. I'm unable to download anything from the Software Center and I'm afraid that even if I could get Ryzom to work, it might not allow the connection for it. This is due to the software on my phone doesn't allow certain types of connections in the free version of the software and the price for the full version is simpy too high for me right now.

I'll try to download the static Linux client and report back to you.
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