Mutual Mac

I am learning to hate Rites!!!

using v1.13 on Mac

Matis Gardens rite:
• I get pendant, I crawl up hill to "the spot" (verified by CSR Swindt as the right spot) from 1700 to 2300, just to be sure, but Mission will not progress to next step (to dig)
• I've done this over and over and over and over, varying strategies and tactics and all to no avail... just won't budge.... I've abandoned/retaken... nothing.

Fyros Story 2 rite:
• Go to Northlake Farm... I mean, that's pretty clear, no? I run all over that farm, every square inch of it, Nothing. I try to talk to the "next step guy" (Apocaps).... he won't talk to me about anything Rite-ish.
• Makes "getting it all done by sunset" impossible!

The obvious bug: <in correct area to trigger next event coding is lacking awareness of Toon being in right spot>

Why don't you have us interact with something there instead? Pull a lever, turn a tree branch... something foolproof?

Trykers may be "half-a-homin" like Lucas says, but my body weight should enough the trigger the detection grids!

•••Miffed Winter•••


Always argue with an idiot... it's the only way they can get Experience! :)
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