Collecting your interface woes

- what you like about it
being able to open/close any window
customizability (position, size)

- what you hate about it
impossible to hide the menu completely

sometimes while typing the chat window loses focus and all kinds of things will pop open/close

- what functionalities you would like to see added
It's possible to change the default screenshot size in config (which will disable the interface as well) enable this option via the in game config AND make the hide interface part optional (for all screenshots, maybe config option as well)

make different schemes for the window (or make it possible for players to create their own with a simple tool, involving no XML-File editing)

- what functionalities you never use
never: none (things deactivated by the config)
barely: a lot of things dug deep in the menu (e.g. the help)

- any bugs you have found
font size in the package missions (Rybambel) is too small in some cases


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