Music and Musical Instruments

I love this idea! :)

For the composition part I propose that it is at the very least an option to compose the music realisticly using real scales, so that musicians in RL could use the system comfortably. I have no idea how it would work otherwise for the people who don't know how to compose music in RL.

I also suggest that composition for certain instruments that can in RL play multiple notes at once (i.e. guitar, harp) is track-based. You would in those cases be able to have multiple notes played simultaneously.

Perhaps another fun idea similar to this could be to add a new tool craftable only from specific mats that would be some sort of a magical music player. There would then be magical orbs placed around Atys and when found, could be played via that tool. I think that would be cool. Maybe those orbs could play a part in how 'non-musicians' compose their music in Ryzom?
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