Music and Musical Instruments

To start off, my idea is very similar to what is present in other games, and one in particular. That one game showed a glimpse of what is possible, However, I really think it could work here, add some pizazz to the game, AND be taken to a much deeper level.

The first part is musical instrument crafting (new skill tree yay?). The quality of the crafting plans and materials would determine things like acoustical range, quality of sound, etc. One ocarina might have a richer, more vibrant sound than another ... but sometimes you might want the rougher sound for a work that you are composing.

This aspect to custom-tailor instruments during crafting is where Ryzom's implementation could outshine anything ever seen in any other game.

Types of musical instruments should be up for discussion. There should be enough for each race to have at least one, if not two or more, but not so many as to overwhelm the crafting system.

Alluding to the composition of music earlier, it should be possible to compose your own music, according to the range of your current musical instrument that you are wielding. Completed compositions should be a copyable, tradable object that you can share with your friends or musical group. Only the owner of the original composition should be able to edit it; everyone who has a copy would receive any edited changes that are made (ie: the copy is just a link back to the original composition).

Compositions should optionally specify multiple parts, and each player with a copy of that composition should be able to specify which part they want to play. If there is only one part, obviously the choice is easier =)

To play a particular piece of music, you would hold an instrument in your main hand, and a composition in your offhand. For a multi-part composition to be played synchronously with others, the musicians must be in the same group. When everyone has signified (to the game) that they are ready, the leader of the group would issue the command to begin. The music would play until the end of the composition, or until any of the members disconnects, leaves group, or stops playing.

I know I'll probably take some heat because this isn't exactly an original idea, but music is something that would add tremendous flair to events such as faires and weddings, or even duels and gladiatorial contests (Three Stooges' Curly and 'Pop Goes the Weasel' anyone?).
Zeige Thema
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