New Patch 1.12 - Advanced Occupations

Would be real nice if there were two kinds of cats ......

1. Primary Cats - A 80% reduction for these would fit well. There are far too many and like was previously said, power leveling to a master in 3 weeks does not make an experienced player.

2. Secondry Cats - Cats that work on crafting only would be nice. These could be more prolific but only work on secondary crafting skills. For example, you earn your Light Armor Craft master the good old fashion way. But, once you have already mastered one LA tree, then could use the secondary cats to bring up the other levels.

Drills could be set with a slider dividing production into one or the other:

00% P - 100% S
10% P - 90%S
20% P - 80% S

and so on

P = primary rate which I'd set at 5 stacks per day
S = secondary rate at 10 stacks per day

If your slider is 50-50, you'd get 2.5 primary and 5 seconday which seems about right for our population. Yes, i recognize this would be a significant programming effort but interest in craft is perty dead atm.


Zeige Thema
Last visit Di 29 Sep 2020 16:05:31 UTC UTC

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