Patch 904 (2022-04-25): Outposts Refactoring + Introduction of XPx3 catalyze ...

Updates (2022-04-26)

  • Nexus outposts are now attackable again.
    XP x3 catalyzers rewards have been added.

  • It is now only possible to abandon an outpost if it is at peace.
    If your outpost is attacked, you have the choice to defend it or let it be taken by the attacking guild.
    In both cases, if you lose the outpost, you get 10 bid points back.

Under consideration (2022-04-26)

  • We will soon be adding bidding restrictions so that a guild can only bid if it meets minimum requirements that we will define soon.
    Guilds that have already bid and do not meet these minimum requirements will have their bid points returned.


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