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Regarding the board game itself, i understand the 'fun' but not the benefit of it, the splitting of players activity/time aside, dev-time and resources spend there could have been spend on the main attraction, i also fail to see how it will attract new players besides circles of friends that likely would have already mentioned ryzom if there was interest among them (i hope), in the case of marketing i have doubts and raise the question why marketing ryzom isn't done more in stead and in the case marketing ryzom is already exhausted i fail to see why the board game would then raise new players in its place.

The person behind this tabletop rpg project is already active in the Lore Team. He is not a developer of the game. So his time wouldn't have been spent on development. Working on a tabletop rpg is a good continuation of the lorist work: it will use the existing lore and extend it.
It is NOT a marketing project too, it's a tabletop rpg that a passionate is making and wants to share it with the community. You are not interested in it, fair enough it's your right so just pass by it won't change anything for you at all.

PS: Ryzom is claiming to have a strong "role-playing" community and looking at feedbacks this tabletop rpg project is receiving tells me it's a false statement.
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