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Boss refactoring - Ryzom Forge meeting - 2021-01-18

Tamarea & Riasan (RT) – 21:28 UTC
For those who are not familiar with this project, it is detailed in the (FR) document available at this address: et qui sera publié sous peu sur le forum.
Latest developments :
- all the new spots of Boss' pop have been added ;
- all new Bosses and the loots they drop have been created and their translations are under testing.

Q: Will the names of the current Bosses be changed?
Non. Mais il y en aura de nouveaux !

Q: Will the value of the items collected from the remains of a Boss be related to the level of the latter?
Yes, the loot obtained from a low level Boss has less value than that obtained from a high level Boss.

Q: Is another test phase scheduled? And if so, for when?
Yes, a test phase on the development server will start soon (there are still some problems with the new loots and we hope to have it finished by the end of this week.

Q: Will a Boss of level N now be able to give up to his executors a loot of higher quality than N?
No: a killed Boss still provides a loot of equal quality to his level.

Q: Will there be Boss level lower than 70 and intermediate to the current scale (70 | 120 | 170 | 220 | 270)?
No, but the number of Bosses will increase significantly for each level of the recalled scale.

Q: When will these changes take effect in game?
As soon as possible, i.e. as soon as conclusive tests are completed... tests whose duration depends on the number of volunteer testers.

Q: Will there be new Bosses accessible for beginner characters (on Silan)?
No, the project concerns only the continents and the Prime Roots.

Q: Will there be other "corrupt" Bosses, like Cratchakyo was?
No, this is not planned at the moment.


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