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Bosses refactoring - Ryzom Forge meeting report (2020-08-31)

Namcha (RT) – 20:37 UTC
The main objective of this project is to reduce the gameplay impact of Boss camping, including the one practiced via multi-alts.
Project description note :
I need to clarify or underline some of the points made in this note:
• In a given region, only Bosses of one of the species already inhabiting the region will be able to spawn (the program controlling the pop of Kings will use a file listing the species inhabiting each region). As a consequence :
– if many new Bosses will pop, some of the current ones will not pop anymore, such as Madakoo (since no "common" madakam lives in the Prime Roots ecosystem)… but other versions of the madakam Boss will pop on the surface) ;
– contrary to what the note indicates, there will be no Raguketh 270 popping since no ragus inhabits the 250 region of the Desert ecosystem.
• Bosses logically non-existent by the above rule, whether they exist (such as Madakoo, for example) or not at present, will exist later on to "animate" OOC or scripted events (Storyline). Thus, Madakoo will not completely disappear…
• … Nor, for that matter, the materials collected from these lost Kings who today fill your Guild Hall.
• The refactoring responds to the objective stated above in that it will result in a significant increase in the number of possible popping spots of Bosses per region, thus making it difficult to predict which spot in a given region (now hosting, moreover, a greater diversity of Bosses than today) will see the next Boss of a given type pop.

Q : Will there be new Bosses?
R :
Yes, but they will be new variations of Kings by region rather. If a given species exists in a region, that region is likely to host a Boss specimen of that species.

Q : Will the list of Bosses in the wiki () be updated?
R :
Yes, most likely, by the volunteer players who contribute to the wiki.

Q : What about Bosses currently popping on one one spot only, such as Bodokin, Cratchakin, etc.?
R :
The particular program that manages them today will not be changed: they will continue to appear, at the same location.

Q : Will there be a frippo Boss?
R :
Logically, a frippo King 120 should exist, yes.

Q : Will there be new Bosses on Silan?
R :
No, Yubokin will remain the only King of Silan.

Q : Can a Boss pop simultaneously in several regions and/or several ecosystems?
R :
There is little chance of this happening. Since a Boss is placed at the "bottom of the stack" when popping, it should not return anytime soon.

Q : Could two Bosses of the same name (i.e. of the same species and ecosystem) but of different levels – for example Izaketh 120 of Oflavak's Oasis and Izaketh 170 of the Dunes of Exile – pop simultaneously in their respective region of the Desert?
R :
Again, it is unlikely to happen: a Boss' placement at the bottom of the stack is independent of his level and host region.

Q : Will two Bosses of different ecosystems but of the same species and level (Raguketh 220 and Ragukin 220 for example) be able to pop simultaneously in their respective ecosystem?
R :
Yes, with good chances this time.

Q : What about rare kitins? Will Kidikoo disappear? Will Kizarakoo appear?
R :
If we let the system work, yes. But Kizarakoo, for example, is still under discussion within the team (shouldn't such a kitin be reserved for an event ?)

Q : If a Boss of a given level (e.g. Izaketh 170) pops (and gets killed) will the next King of the same name to pop be of another level (e.g. Izaketh 120) or not?
R :
Yes, the next tests should verify that the system will rotate the levels of the same King at its successive pops.

Q: What about Cratchakyo, which has been on hold for some time?
This one was a scripted King, yes... It will stay on hold for some more time.


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