Atys TOURNAMENT (24/04/2021)

Atys TOURNAMENT (2nd edition)
24/04/2021 - 19:00 UTC
1v1 & 2v2
Matis Arena
Registration Required before 17/04/2021 !
To register, send me an email ingame at "Tarka", please specify if you're in 1v1, 2v2 (+ your partner's name) or both.

Registration Fee:
 1 million Dappers per participant.
- 1v1 winner: a full set of RUBBARN BOOSTED HEAVY ARMOR Q250! + a material VEDICE Q250.
- 2v2 winners: a full set of MEDIUM ARMOR with HELMET Q250 (for each) + a MARAUDER SKIRT Q250 (for each, that can be trade for faction points) + a material TEKORN & MAGA Q250.
- Additionally, as a champion's trophy, previous winners' titles are removed and given to the new winners!
- As a bonus, winners get a framed diploma to hang in their apartments.

Rules: Open to everyone. You can participate in both 1v1 & 2v2. Potions and Eggs are forbidden.
Equipment: Bring your preferred gear and don't forget crystals!
We will start with 1v1 matches followed by 2v2. Brackets will be posted here a few days before the event. The tournament should last about 2 hours. We will end with a group photo.
Bookmaker: There will be a bookmaker (Lamda) to bet on your favorite champion!

Try to be there a half hour early :)

Good luck to everyone!

*Special thanks to Nathanel for his generous donation for the prizes.
*Thanks also to Ryzom team, especialy Margote and PtitBill for their help setting this event.

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