Research is progressing!

Daeronn Cegrips had brought all the scientists together to take stock of research progress at the Nexus.
"So, we all agree, the barkquake has brought up supreme materials. Some superficial sources are of poor quality, but in depth are some materials of great interest for craftsmanship."
He turned to the group of Trykers.
"Do we still need to study superficial sources?"
After a brief conciliation, Ba'Caun Bammy stood up and shook his head.
"No Daeronn, the last contributions showed nothing more. The rotation remains the same, a domain corresponding to one season. Their location has not changed. We'd be more useful trying to inventory all resources.
— See if, by any chance, there might not be some fabulous spices to make the beer of the Lakes even better, for example, Ba'Gale Acher added, dreamy.
— Very good. So, from 6h - Quinteth, Fallenor 29, 3rd AC 2612, you'll both be free to fumble around!"

The Nexus mission "Some unusual materials" will end on Воскресенье, 14 Марта 23:00:00 UTC (2 месяца назад). This gives you a complete atysian cycle of four seasons to complete the mission if necessary.
The other missions remain accessible.
We wish you a good game.
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