New billing system

New billing system

Ryzom, after several months of intensive training, has just mastered the Management of payment option skill, enabling it to roll out its new billing system right away.
You can congratulate it!

The new stanzas he has learned and set up:
  • Addition of new payment options;
  • Addition of new subscription lengths ;
  • Reduction of some prices.


In order to celebrate the event with dignity, Ryzom opens its bar… its game server in Premium mode to everyone for a few days (*), and has some permanent surprises in store for you.
For more informations, a free manual (**) is at your disposal.

(*) All accounts are set to Premium mode during the migration to the new billing system. During this period, you will be able to create a new account and retrieve your password, but you will not be able to change your personal data, unsubscribe or subscribe.

(**) If you want to thank the authors of this manual, they accept a tip in "coffee" emoticons on the Ryzom Chat.


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