[Fyros & Zorai & Rangers] The ramp of all dangers (2020/05/05)

Daeronn Cegrips had left it to Haido Kuan, his Zoraï counterpart, to present their request to the leader of the tribe of the Company of the Eternal Tree, who had just arrived, and obviously in all haste, from the Haven of Purity.

The latter had finally nodded thoughtfully to her interlocutor and then stepped aside for a moment to converse with the Kami ambassador.:
Upon her return, she nodded briefly and addressed the two homins.

— So be it! We'll help you set up a camp for your scientists, but we'll choose the location. We will also protect this camp. It will take a day or two. I have also been informed by the Kamis that the transporter altar will be relocated.
— Ari'kami, kwai.
— Kami'ari. Now, if you don't mind, I have important matters to discuss with my tribe. I'm going to ask you to be willing to leave us.
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