Patch Daily missions (2019-12-02)

A new feature is being tested:
The localization of objectives for hunting/fighting missions.

In the Daily Missions window, a new button appears for combat missions.
Clicking on the button opens a new window with a list of creatures or npcs that could fulfill the mission objective.

By clicking on the purple flag icon on the right, an indication of the area (+/- 150m) where the creature or npc is located will appear.

A few remarks :

- The location works in real time and is not based on a database. The information is therefore reliable and if a position is indicated, it means that the creature is really there. On the other hand, if the creature is not spawned (killed or bad season), it will not be found.

- The location always returns the creature closest to you. So make sure you're as close as possible to the requested area in the mission (if there is one listed) before using the locator.

- If the map does not show any location, search in the other regions (especially in the Nexus for Matis missions).

- It is not possible to display more than one location on the map at a time. Remember to add a flag before making a new location request.

- You have to wait 30 seconds before you can make another location request.

- Sometimes the location window will show you several creatures with different stars. Read the mission carefully to find out which Quality of raw mats is requested so that you know which creatures are likely to give you at least the requested Quality.
For example, if you have Yelks (Irritated, Brutal, Fierce or Violent) from 1 to 4 stars, and the mission asks you for exceptional meat at least Q166. Only violent Yelks (4 stars) can provide it. Fierce Yelks will only give the maximum Q160.
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