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August Event Fail

Something lots of people didn't understand about Bymgo: You have to think of it like you have a physical paper card (opened by the bymgo in special bag). This card is the same for everybody at one given time, EXCEPT that when somebody gets all lines on the card, a new card is started. If you see a yellow link on red background at the bottom of your bymgo card, it means you don't have the newest card displayed - you have some old paper, and only once you click the link at the bottom you exchange it for the new paper.

Now the Fortunate Gubani company will pay you the choice tokens (awarded for completing line no matter if one completed it before) even if you fill lines on old cards (and that reward is displayed by the choice tokens)

The Excellent tokens reward displayed is "bugged" though - the rewards displayed on top of card, refer to the newest 'paper' card - even if you are looking at an old one. Because for the old card all lines have already been completed once, you won't ever get any excellent tokens for completing lines on old cards, for that make sure you update your card.


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