Improving Kitin Invasion

This is what I mean by having had the experience.   My alts had no problem getting to their GHs or my apartment ... and my highest level alt is level 20 and the other 3 are Level 1.  In most cases, if it's your city being defended, the TP is well within the gates and the battles are taking places at the entrances.  But I might access either a GH or apartment less than once a week ... my every day stuff (and a spare) is on  packers.

The invasions in the past consisted of a series of waves ... with short breaks in between.  Each wave came mostly at just 1 or 2 of the town entrances.   When you arrive at the TP, you are  protected, you can not be attacked.  Now lakes is a bit different as their cities are floating and TPs are on land. 

When you arrive, wait till that wave has passed and do the 100 yard dash.   The kitin are drawn to damage so they wiill focus on the folks hitting them rather than go after you.

This really is no different than a OP battle where for 2 hours you can't access your OP.   Or even if you have no OP, and don't PvP you can't really use the area for 2 hours w/o getting aggro dragged on.

There's 4 towns in each region and 4 regions.   So if there were city invasion twice a month, with 16 towns, you'd have to exercise care in getting to uour apartment for 2 hours every 8 months.  Accees to that apartment would require a bit of planning and care 0.03% of the time.

As person who digs in regions which contaon the most contested Ops, I either schedule my day not to be in game or I plan my day to be elsewhere for 2 hours.  Still worried about accessing something in apartment ... plan ahead.  Put it on a packer, and leave in water.  Its one day ... 1/12th of a day once every 8 months


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