Is asking players meaningless?

Care MoniQ, because you are talking to Marauder's here.

In big, it mean you are talking with people that was asked their opinion privately and publicly for YEARS.
We made post, we made pad, we made decision, we voted, we made event, we made script and project template, we waited and we still wait.
So really do care on this subject.

Don't do us a Cerulean proudly saying: "If you do not have faction, it is because you aren't involved ah-ah!".
Bullshit this is, not to mention laughable since most of the marauder's involved in the team did leave because of real non support.

My reaction to this joke is purely triggered at the discussion between a Dev and a Lorist.
I shall remember you once again, that stuff is well-known and work was done in background FOR YEARS.
The fact that no one pushed the previous idea and work done before, as an example or guidance for the OP is shameful.

The links are useful, maybe not for you; but for the Dev and people managing the Marauder project.
Most of the Ryzom team members are not even aware of the project detail.
And it is certainly not clients (10€ per month) fault.

You as a person, hidden author of the subject or not, has nothing to do with this.
So continue give your idea, fine with me.

Again, it could have been different if the original post would have contained idea discussed for years and matured.
Waiting for approval AND (here you enter in the game): players approval.
But that wasn't the case.

(PS: In advance, if you censure me Mister Tykus, Im gonna post it again and again and again. So you better close the topic.)


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