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Ryzom Forge meeting report - June 10th, 2019

Ingame integration of DeepL translator

Tykus (RT) - 19:38 UTC
This integration is currently being tested on Yubo and will soon be tested on Atys by players who volunteer to participate in a "DeepL Test Hour".

Q: Do we know what languages Deepl will translate?
For now DeepL translate English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian.

Q: Will Atysian languages be taken into account?
No Atysian language is supported by DeepL, sorry.

JY 2603 patch balance: fix of delivery missions

Tykus (RT) - 19:47 UTC
The following changes in delivery missions are intended to offset the loss of nation (civ) points awards previously granted by New Horizons:
  • Decrease in weight of parcels to deliver
  • Decrease to 8 hours of the time limit imposed for the repetition of the same mission
  • Increase in rewards granted in lower level areas (100-150 regions)

Q: Since the proposed time limit is only one hour shorter than the current one, will the situation really improve? Shouldn't the rewards be increased enough to be as high as those New Horizons granted, even if they are more difficult to obtain?
The shortening of the repetition time is not so negligible and, above all, it does not come alone: the increase in rewards in low-level regions reduces the need for repetition and the reduction in the weight of packages, by allowing delivery by teleportation, shortens the time required to complete the mission itself.
In any case, if these changes prove insufficient, others will be implemented: these first measures are emergency ones whose impact on nation points remains to be precisely measured. We are actually following a plan for overall balancing and we are relying on you to provide us with constructive feedbacks on this first step, as well as those to come.

Q: What if to order New Horizons to deliver instead? One pays dappers to New Horizons and give him package and receive desired points after it...

Q: Are there any plans to reduce the repetition time for other missions (crafting or killing ones)? And to give another way to obtain crystals than just delivering parcels?
For the other missions (this was one of the topics of the last Ryzom Forge meeting) the repetition times have indeed been greatly increased, but so have the gains! In any case, yes, our plan is to highlight ALL of Atys' missions, to make them more attractive.

Improvement for all missions

Tykus (RT) - 20:06 UTC
To help players find a particular NPC, we will add a "Where is... ?" to the dialog box of ALL NPCs.
In order to encourage players to increase the number of their missions (as earnings have been significantly increased) the help function to find other NPCs entrusting missions will be added.

Q:Afair, tourist guides do not have option to point to New Horizons now. Will New Horizons be added to "Where is...?" list?
All useful NPCs will be.

Q: What about those who chose to previously level their crafting solely through missions and who are left now with very long wait times and a stockpile of mats ?
If you exhaust all the crafting missions on the continent, I think your stock of materials will be very lightened…
Q+: But, if you are working on crafting q200 you're not going to want to take a crafting mission that asks and pays for q60!
You will find missions of the appropriate level in all Atys countries, in tribes etc. You are not about to be able to fill them all out…

Q: Most missions, in some way decrease tribe fame. What about players who don't want to gain or lose any fame?
With the new missions system, if you don't want to change your fame you will have to balance fame gains and losses of the missions you take; there is no way for now not to loose or win fame... Maybe in the future, but the point for now is balancing.
Q+: That's my point though : it's near impossible to do that without knowing exactly how much fame each tribe gives / takes!
If you ask us to publish a list of all the missions and specify the reputation that each of them gives or takes away, the answer is no... The best part of Ryzom is the discovery. Would we give such a list, we will lose it. I'm afraid you'll have to make the list yourself.

Q: For the factions to be balanced, should there not be neutral missions, as there are Kami, Kara and Maraud missions and tribes loyal to the Rangers as there are to Kara, Kami, and Maraud ?
Sorry, not for now. But you can post your ideas on the forum.

Marauder gameplay improvement

Tykus (RT) - 20:27 UTC
Marauders tribes and missions are in the process of being created and some changes in the missions (the fame rewards of some of them) is a first step in the integration of this addition.

New game content

Tykus (RT) - 20:36 UTC
• Under testing: Addition of the Marauder zone near Nexus Minor
• Work in progress:
  • Creation of the Maraudeur City map, with its NPCs locations, in the main area of the zone
  • Addition of a vortex between Nexus Minor and Marauder zone
• Next steps:
  • Move of the Marauder Camp to the new zone
  • Creation of the new Marauder City
  • Move of the camp's NPCs to their final location inside the City.
The new Marauder map is already on the test server Yubo, the work is in progress.

Q: Will we be able to go there to kill them?
Of course !


Tykus (RT) - 20:53 UTC
• Translation team recruits volunteers!
  • To translate / proofread into Spanish
  • To translate / proofread into Russian
  • To translate / proofread into German
• Support team recruits volunteers!
  • From North America
  • From South America (speaking Spanish and English)
  • From Australia timezone
  • From Spain
• Event team recruits volunteers!
  • From North America
  • From South America (speaking Spanish and English)
  • From Australia timezone
  • From Spain
We have now some dynamics events which can be launched easily, but we need some event lauchers living in US timezone.
If you are interested, please send a mail to

Q : Don't we also need more testers?
A :
Yes, for that just contact Tamarea on Rocket Chat:

21:00 UTC: Tykus closes the meeting.


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