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Special Ryzom Forge meeting report - May 23rd, 2019

Tamarea, 19:45 UTC
This special meeting of Ryzom Forge is being held at the request of Inky, who is the creator of the K/K pacts interface and the addition of welcome messages on the ingame channels. He would like to have your feedback on these additions. Inky, you have the floor!

Karavan/Kami teleport interface

Inky, 19:54 UTC
We will start with feedback about teleport interface for kami and karavan players, you are on stage! First sorry for inconvenience with the resurrection issue using autopact. It is now fixed :) As some of you may have noticed the autopact does not need maximum fame to be used. It is a misunderstanding from the communication team. I try to give you a way to use your system with (visual) comfort, and introduced the autopact feature with the same spirit. The goal with Auto Pact feature is to remove that urge need to stack pacts to be able to play (and not to forget a zone!)

Eleanide 20:00 UTC
I wanted to say that the colors are very good:) because those who have view problems, distinguish well the sicones and races So thank you.
Zorroargh, 20:02 UTC
I just want to support what Eleanide said. What is very important to me is the contrast. I can see that lot of icon are made with contrast, what is important to see the object a nice way.

Moniq 20:01 UTC
If I may, I would like to see pacts in the list as expanded with descriptions as I have always set my bag to.
Inky 20:02 UTC
This is planned in my todo list :) to behave like the current list in the bag, but more condensed.

Q: What's the artifact?
A: An interface to use your teleportation system, it is totally optional. It is based on the marauder teleportation system, but without using ARK. It is a mirror of the pacts you own in bag, and act like a bookmark. Interface is client side, so you should not have lag or delay using it.

Q: What are conditions to get and use the teleportation artefact?
A: To own and use the artefact you will need +33 Kami or Karavan fame + the rite. The Auto Pact feature works with +33 fame or higher in case of surface altairs and +60 in case of altairs in Prime Roots.

Q: Where do you get the artefact?
A: You can get artefact at the 4 religious points on Atys, in Kami or Karavan temple.

Q: I'm at Kami temple, have 100 fame, no one (npc) want to sell artefact to me. What is wrong?
A: The artifact allowing to use the new K/K pact interface is finally available at the temples, from a dedicated NPC! (official announcement few hours after the meeting)

Q: If the fame shut down behind the requiered fame, is the auto pact still working?
A: No it won't.

Q: Is it possible to lock the windows mode of the interface after a log out?
A: It isn't possible yet.

Q: Is there an auto message when it auto buy and when it does not?
A: Yes, when you auto-buy new one or about that a teleporation pact was destroyed.

Q: Will the new Kami / Kara TP be same cost as Ranger?
A: It is an interface, the system stays the same as before, just the bulk of teleportation pacts was removed.

Q: Is there anything new for Neutrals?
A: This is an content addition only for Kami and Karavan (for once). Neutral players still benefits the free bulk :)

Laoviel 20:59 UTC
I used the interface a few times, all seems well, not much feedback to give. It's pleasant to use
Tuffgong 21:00 UTC
I use it from the day after the patch and except one TP lost (I think with the rez bug) it's nice to use. Good job :)

User suggestions
  • Ashuleila 20:33 UTC We need more option I think. Like to classify the TP buy price or alphabetical order.
  • Tuffgong 20:34 UTC Possibility to lock window mode of the interface to remain over re-log
  • Maiyr 20:59 UTC I think when changes are made like this, more information needs to be given such as how to implament the new changes. Most of us didn't know how to get the artifact to begin with as it was not explained.
  • Ashuleila 21:01 UTC Is is possible to have the windows of the Artefact at the connection ? Each time I must open it if I log out :/

Channel introduction (welcome messages)

Inky 21:05 UTC
Thank you for your feedback about the interface. To the next topic then. Any comments about the channel introduction ?
Luminatrix 21:06 UTC
Around and region are a bit awkwardly worded
Aleeskandaro 21:06 UTC
I think this change happened in the context of a forum thread started by Revvy. The purpose was to invite homins to RP and explain a bit what RP was etc. However the around intro just says ok here some people RP and doesn't go as deep as it should. Also agree there are some errors but i know some fixes were already proposed.
Inky 21:07 UTC
Tamarea and a Lorist are working on this subject, for now we added the introduction. We didn't forget the original request :) its in work in progress.
Eleanide 21:08 UTC
In french, the message is okay.
Laoviel 21:14 UTC
(about suggestion to add links to messages) I think hiding information behind a link makes fewer people likely to click on it.
Inky 21:15 UTC
Addition to roleplay description is in WIP (as stated earlier), the communication team and lore are on it. There is no message on lang universe because it is the same rules as the normal universe, and since players are smart enough to know this. Announcement message are sent in the system information too. Alright, thank you for participating. I will let you debate on the forum (i do read all the post on the idea section.)

User suggestions
  • Laoviel 21:08 UTC The explanation message appears only when you switch to that tab. So for example, in Universe it can appear after people have been talking a while ... it can be a bit difficult to understand it's a "message from the system".
  • Laoviel 21:11 UTC Newlines before and after, and maybe a tag like Info: or something similar :)
  • Eleanide 21:13 UTC Using *** would be fine
  • Aleeskandaro 21:14 UTC (about AROUND) "Learn more about here" (a link)
  • Bubbason 21:14 UTC Instead of an individual description for each channel, would it be better to have 1 link to a common forum that gives an explanation of what each channel is best used for? This way, you have an option to add more text, instead of a single sentence
  • Aleeskandaro 21:14 UTC It would be good to fix the channel description on top of chat window
  • Figment 21:18 UTC (about explanation of RP term) Give Chiang a little friend to introduce RP. maybe have a RP representant in each city
  • Bubbason 21:21 UTC I still think the option of more text is maybe better. For example, the description in around, if a new player decides they don't want to RP and closes around channel, they miss all kinds of other messages.
  • Aleeskandaro 21:32 UTC all channel descriptions should include a link to the game code of conduct and for around, both this link to coc and a description of what rp ist and how people rp, be it in another link or the description itself, it doesn't matter
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