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How ban people using Megacorp?

... Create a chat called "Atys" where no alien transmissions (e.g. Rocket Chat) are involved. For those who just can't let go of Ryzom -even at work and even though blocked in-game, they may continue to use "UNIVERSE" chat....

Ok (nice for thoses, banned by some CSR IG, who like to shout from rocket to IG chat), but it  doesn't answer my request.

As it seems the maximal number of chat is limited IG (see on wiki https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Special_command I would mean that we would lost one, the one used by the new Atys channel), I would suggest something like:

Rocket Chat sentences (outside game) ->
In Game chat (sentense arriving on the Ryzom server side, working on Ryzom server) ->
Ryzom chat would work using 2 things :
a. user channel parameters (what channel to display or not  in USER tab's chat)
b. In Game ignore list
--the NEW filter works here-->
display filtered messages in the USER channel (In Game)


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