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Año de Jena 2602 Parche (Parche 3.5.0 - 08-02-2019) - OFFICIAL NEWS - Foro de la Comunidad RyzomInicioInvitado


Año de Jena 2602 Parche (Parche 3.5.0 - 08-02-2019)

Re: Guild Islands

The first question I had was about where to find the "Guild Island Agent". For Yrkanis, locating the nearby agent, "Deles Silam" did not take long.

The second question was about the cost of establishing an island. So far as I can tell, the cost is zero. Without guild points, I was able to establish an Island, spawn "Touby", and spawn the "Intendant".

I noted that, from the guild island, the "ROOM" inventory is visible and the items are clickable. Room contents were, otherwise, inaccessible from the guild island.


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