Lacuna's Song

[OOC The true story of Bones’s Big Night Out]



She sits a her campfire lost in time.  She passes her cup from hand to hand and remembers another campfire, months, years ago? The memory fills her mind…


A spark from her fire brings her back to the present.  She realises that she never told Bones that she was leaving.  She has never understood why Bones agreed to become, basically the guild dogsbody.  He is trusting and loyal: she almost feels bad about all the times she has blamed him for all her thefts, almost.  If there was any job that needed doing that was dirty, demeaning, dangerous, hard work or just plain nasty, they made Bones do it…




Fake date with a Lost Girl Scam


'You are going to have to take it out again, Lac, his ass is just too…’

‘Does it make my bum look fat?  I’m not wearing it if it does!’ Bones blurt out, as he stood in guild house common room, dressed in one of Marichia’s Zorai dresses.

‘I still don’t see why is has to one of my dresses!’

‘You the tallest, hun.’ Marikka replied.  Covering her mouth and trying not to laugh at an outraged Bones, who as trying to look over his shoulder to check out his behind.

‘You two are replacing this one from the profits we make from this.’

‘I said we would.  Now we just need something to… ummmm… emphasise his assets with.’

‘We can pad him out with Stinkan moss.  It’s not like we are doing anything else with it.  I can easily sew that into the vest to give a bit more oooompphh up top.  That should do the trick.’ Lacuna mumbled through a mouth full of pins, as she let down the hem of the skirt by a few inches.

‘How much are we going to start the bidding at?’ Marichia asked.

They had came up the with idea of an auction for a date with a Lost Girl.  Of course, there was no way that any of them were actually going to go on a date with one of the farting apes that infested the camp.  That left Bones.

‘I think we should start at 1000 dappers and see how it goes.’ said Marikka. ‘And Lacuna, remember to distract Sad, there’s no way that Bones will fool her, and I don’t trust her conscience not to nag her and to let slip that it is not a new guildie that we’re offering for auction.’

‘I look ridiculous!’ Bones whined, and looked on the verge of outright rebellion.

‘Nonsense, the blue of the dress really brings out your eyes,’ Mrikka chipped in, rolling her eyes at Lacuna.

‘Now remember, if it is Alees that wins, you are home and dry.  Just bat your lashes every now and then and giggle a lot.  He’s too much of a gentlehomin to try anything.  If it’s Lee, just ply him with drink until he passes out, then wake him at the end of the night and tell him he was magnificent.  If it’s Carl, just punch him in the nads if he tries anything and if you threaten to kill him every five minutes and he’ll never notice that you’re are not a real Lost Girl.  Now if it’s Revvy… well if it’s Revvy, lie back and think of your imaginary deity of choice.  And remember, for goodness sake, no farting, or burping the alphabet, or picking your nose and eating it,’ Marichia lectured Bones.

‘And, most importantly, remember while you are keeping the winner occupied we will be robbing their apartment blind.  So don’t blow your cover!’ Marrika emphasised each of her points by jabbing Bones in the middle of his forehead with her index finger.  ‘If this does. Not. Go. As. Planned. You. Will. Be. Very. Sorry!’




In the morning she will enter Kitins’ Lair and search for the elusive entrance to the Roots that Aen suggested may provide the quickest route to the Old Lands.  She sits huddled at her fire in the ranger camp in Almati Wood, apart from the others physically and socially; they are not her sisters nor her comrades.  She is here not for protection, nor company, but news.  What she hears dismays her: the clans may take up spears against each other.  The ranger camp is buzzing with the news of a declared attack against Woodburn Stronghold by Le Clan de la Sève Noire, and will this pit clan against clan.  She hopes the clans aligned with the pseudo Rangers, if they cannot take up arms to help Sève Noire, will remain apart. She fears what this means for the future of clans.  She has lost her sisters, that is enough.  Though she is tempted to turn back with this news, it is more vital than ever that she speak with Melkiar. 

[OOC The only thing harmed in the making of this episode, was Bones's dignity and Marichia's dress.  We leave it up to the reader to decide which is the greater tragedy.]


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