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 Discussion around "Outpost Refactoring"

1. The decrease in the cost of attacks and the cost of squads (which will remain expressed in dappers);

Indifferent, but this definitely will increase the OP activity.
2. Reducing the duration of battles to one hour;

Indifferent, but this definitely will increase the OP activity.

3. A rotation of materials between the various outposts, every 72 days IRL, coupled with the withdrawal of outpost materials of quality 50 and 100.
Thus, depending on the year of Jena (a year of Jena = 72 IRL days, or 2.4 months), any outpost could produce materials of quality 150, 200 or 250, with a lower yield for those producing materials of higher quality than the level of their region of establishment.

Does this mean that an OP in a 150 region may produce Q250 material?
4. The attack and taking of half the outposts by NPCs or kitins every 72 days IRL.
Each guild will then be able to register to try to take back one of these outposts, but without knowing which material it will produce… Priority will be given to guilds without outposts.

This is an excellent idea. I can see Rangers participating in this, specially if it is kitins, and not break their vows. If it is done right loners, and multiple guilds can build alliances. The non-primaries can be compensated with items/loot/dappers, etc. the primary would hold the OP.

All in all, my only concern, as some already pointed out, is timing. Let's not forget that we can have 12-hour difference between defenders and attackers. Whatever change we implement, let's make sure it is fair for all time zones.
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