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If by highlighting exactly how the situation is; is construed as hate; then yeah I guess; you are right...(this was sarcasm;p)

And also atys is much bigger than the Moon, Ash, much bigger than the Kamis; and much bigger than myself as well; keep that in mind;p..

Therefore I have nothing to gain from the proposed changes personally; because the Phase One also affects me; and affects everyone. But that's exactly the point; that everyone will be in the same boat; unlike the situation that is happening now.

Also this is not about the Kami faction; it's about all factions; but seeing that in the Ryzom forge meeting; it was indeed kamistes thats threatened to quit; and tended to over dramatize and over play the 04;00 FR time attacks; this is why my post was directed towards them. Also; noone else has Ops; so ofc the information i provided was on that end.

In addition; i referred to specific points in your post; and not its entirety; and I made reference to the Ryzom Forge meeting that occured; and the comments that some people left on the channel that day. This is all:)



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