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Level 250 OP - Thoughts for Balance

I think, as Naema says that punitive prices for declarations and drills will reduce OP turnover, not increase it. It is also clear that a 90 day "free" period would do the same thing. I would support a "safe period" of 20-30 days.

I also think that requiring the GL to have crafting skills is not the best idea because not every crafter is a good guild *leader* (taking myself as a prime example). Having the skills present in the active members, however, is a good idea.

I think part of the problem with holding the q250 OPs is that the lower level OPs are significantly less relevant than they were pre-merger, especially those that produce tool mats rather than construction mats.

Something that I would like to see is the ability to combine lower level mats to form higher level mats (with losses, of course). That would make all OPs worth fighting for.

Bittty - (who is unlikely to hold another OP)


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