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A modest proposal

@Loved, so end game challenge is bad? 

@Laoviel I said moderately skilled for two homins.  There is no 'elite' skill in a team of tank, healer, nuke.  Such a set-up can kill, almost, every boss in game, easily.  For example, this set-up can kill every kitin boss in game, apart from Kinkoo, and only one of these bosses, Kizokoo, requires a strategy.  The difference in team size is a matter of reducing kill time.  Nevertheless, two toons should not be able to kill a level 270 boss, especially a PR one.  There are only two spots in PR where 3 players would have a problem killing a boss.  The difference you describe it between trying and not.  Most games introduce balance patches to take into consideration that players do learn how to play the game.

TPs are not spawn spots.  Yes they share similar effect in granting protection but there is no analogy here.  The tp system works on fame, portal spots do not.  If a tp is subtle enough to tell that a homin can or cannot use it, logically it would be able to give or withhold protection.  Why should Lacuna, a notorious heretic, be able to gain protection while standing in front of kara and kami tps? At the very least, having negative fame should disable protection for kara/kami tps, and no one but maras should have protection of zinaukeen.


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