Echo; Echo: The holy sin

An excerpt from the Journal of Northstar:

Northstar heard the rumors; the rumbles; the tremors.

Something in Atys was stirring up; forces, hominas and homins of all races; of all religions; started to unite. Hominity was gathering up to fight a holy war; a war against the Kamists and their riches; the kamists who for many and many blessed Jenna years took from this land, took from our people, and never gave back. Those who in the name of Ma-Duk committed the most hideous of crimes; stomping on every homina and homin that stood in their way.

An Izam reached Northstar's Guildhouse in Yrkanis. She was invited to take part in this war; this holy war; against those who brought Atys to ruin. A temporary truce was offered, between her many other enemies, a truce in order put a stop to the Kamist dominance.

A decision had to be made; not an easy one for the young marauder chieftess; many questions to be answered; many issues to be addressed. Many of her close Marauders did not view things quite the same way as she did; but there were also more pressing questions in her mind: what if this gives birth to an even bigger monster; a bigger Dragon, and the result of this war, is the downfall of the planet she once loved? What if after this truce is over; and the Ma-Duk monster is slain; we burn, loot, and pillage, what's left of this alliance, and a longer, meaner, and exhausting era of War and Her destructive ways falls on Atys?

The young Maraudess thought long and hard about it; how her decisions would affect the whole of Atys. In her darkest hours, she had one principle guiding her; Inaction is the worst thing that can happen; and the Kami Dragon is ever-present; showing signs of weakness; but ready to strike back, with its destructive hunger, its promises of riches, its vanity.

The young Chieftess knew what to do: She had a dragon to Kill; the Kami Dragon.

The Echoes are joining the other forces for War: A holy war, against those who for years preached their false god, show-cased their wealth, high-lighted their greed, stepped upon, looted, and pillaged every other homin on Atys.

Northstar orders Mnemosyne, to send an Izam back to the representatives of the other forces, and to openly inform all homins, that Echoes are going to War.
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