Public Shaming


I agree it happen most of the times with Frenchies, since we mostly were used to play that way when EN/DE was more carebear.

But, yeah, when i read that some player say only Easter, Atysmas etc are for them the RP Event...I quite lose hope to Humanity. ( Well, a bit of salt isn't something bad :P )


The point is: I will not treat non RP players and RP ones differently simply cuz for Mithian, you all are Homin and he'll see them as that, and not as the person/player he don't know, at least on RP chan ( /around ).

And if the Tryker is cold and harsh, the player may be a little troll sometimes ( Hey, Uni chan, or, even /t ). Don't mean i'll be a troll anytime,as i'm not trolling here while explaining my point of view about it. ;)


So yup, the merge was on 2012, so, a bit of time ago, now, but, nothing changed till that. I still can read the same complains as i did when the merge was a new thing.


I will talk for myself on this, but, if it happen once i'm rude or just talking with you on /around without using ( )* that's Mithian who talk to Gidget, and not the player talking to the other player.

* ( ) are used to mark the fact that's the player who talk, totally our of RP.Tho, only on around chan since it's supposed to be the only RP chan.
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