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Give Rewards for Multi-Masters Part 1: Fight Skills

You just keep stating that they should because they should be better than a non multi-master. The question remains: Why should they be better?

I caught up on the Part 2 thread about foraging where this was addressed somewhat. You feel that more time should = more reward, and that currently it does not sufficiently do so. I think there may be better ways to reward players beyond the titles that do not necessarily have to un-hinge a non multi-master's ability to compete, but I am fairly certain none of them would be acceptable to you since un-hinging a non multi-master's ability to compete with you is your sole objective. We must agree to disagree, then.

I noticed you also addressed the "barrier to entry" point there by stating that, basically, you don't care if it's higher because you only particularly care about the veteran/committed players. But what happens when there are too few of you to get a good fight (as there are already fewer of you than you'd like?) No idea should be quashed or celebrated on the basis of "bringing in new players" because in a game as old as Ryzom, they are going to trickle in at best, but if you want to continue to have a viable game, and especially a viable competitive game, you really must be careful of how high you raise the time-investment bar for someone to be able to enjoy playing, or you'll wind up with noone to play with at all.

I apologize if I've gotten anyone's hackles up. My intention was only to be constructive and helpful, before I realized how heated the other half of this argument already got!
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