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Ballance of Ranger gameplay

The reason for these changes is a majority demand from players who want to be able to play on an equal footing with others. If you want to impose yourself additional RP constraints...do it.

But that's not enough reason to impose punitive gameplay on other players.

the purpose of balancing is not to make all factions the same ... the goal is for everyone to have comparable advantages and disadvantages. The main purpose is that one faction is not advantaged compared to another. This is commonly known as a balance …

I don’t know if you're used to MMORPGs. But if a faction / class / nation etc. is too disadvantaged compared to another it is simply not played and end up being abandoned. When content is added to a game, the aim is to make it playable, don’t you think ?

Once again, if you want to impose additional constraints to your toon, nothing prevents you from doing so. But YOUR roleplay is not necessarily the one that others want to play ...

So, from my point of view, these changes were necessary and are very welcome. Many thanks to the Ryzom team for listening to the players (those who want to have fun) and for doing all the balancing work in record time.
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