Ability to self-Cancel Invulnerabilty

Okay... this has become a PvP topic.. so let's talk about this taboo on Ryzom.
I think the strategy point falls flat .. . strategy is a decision making with the information at hand, when the information changes, you are prevented from making a strategic decision.
Huh ?   1st off it sems we are in agreement that INV should allow termination.   But please don't use my post as the basis of a thesis on PvP :)   I don't PvP, I don't enjoy watching PvP.   People who PvP and people who PvE have their own reasons for liking what they do... (for me, that's my day job) ....  But, I would suggest that your dissertation deseves its own thread.  Id hate to see a thread on the INV issue go off in 16 directions in response to and one of those 23 paragraphs :)Sidenote:  I watched one OP battle in my 14 years on Ryzom on the winner was outnumbered 3:1.  So strategy and skill must play a part to some degree but of course.   I would postulate that in a game, you need the roll of dice effect to an extent as if you have the same few on top all the time, the population would be dismal.   Nobody would shell out tickets for a sports event if the team with the best skill set won every game.Your oviously put a lot of thought into what you wrote, but to forward ya agenda ... i'd claim your own thread


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